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This website is created to present the history of the Dutch Creyghton (also Creijghton/Kreyghton/Kreijghton) family (further referred to as Creyghton) and the related Morel(l) family. Next to genealogical lists of descendants and ancestors you will find stories about the history of the Creyghton family, the family coat of arms etc.  With special emphasis on the place of the Dutch Creyghton family (branch) in relation to the old, originally Scottish but now worldwide Creighton/Crichton family, also known under different spellings of the surname like Crighton, Craton, Crayton, Crightoun, Krichton, Kregton and many other variations.

In the ancestors chart of the Creyghton-Morel children both families come together. 

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          New: "People of the Rocky Homeland" by James H. Creighton
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The Creyghton Coat of Arms, painted by Robert de Lange after the
new model in the "Nederland's Patriciaat" part 4 (1913), p. 104-106.

The Creyghton/Creijghton family history

The Creyghton History on this website is the work of a small working group, consisting of: Ingrid Creyghton, Maria & Pieter Creyghton-Lemmens, Joep Creyghton en Jos Grupping. For information we could also draw on the earlier work of our ancestors, notably Jan Creyghton, Jacques Creyghton, Nico Creyghton and Jan van Campen. We had the help of a number of our contemporary family members too, of which we like to name a few: Duc Creyghton, Hans Creyghton, Hans Creijghton, Joan Creyghton-Alling, Lex Creyghton, Luc Creijghton, Maurits Creyghton, Mirko Creyghton, Paul Creyghton en Wim Creyghton. Our apologies if  inadvertedly we left someone out.

As a first contribution you will find the history of the Dutch Creyghton branch(es). For more specific information about family members in the past we included descendants lists of Johannes Creyghton, Jacobus Creyghton and Joseph Morel. See the links below. On special request by many family members the two youngest generations have been included. Indexes are provided for easier look-up of a person.

The Morel(l) family history

Also included is the list of descendants of Joseph Morel. The latter is added because both families are closely related in more than one way.  An example of an ancestors chart in both the Creyghton and Morel line can be found in the Ancestors List of the children Creyghton-Morel. Unfortunately all lists are still in Dutch, but it shouldn't be too difficult to understand them, as the structure is more or less universal.

A short list of terms:

  • geboren te = born at

  • gedoopt te = baptised at

  • ondertrouw te = notice of marriage at

  • trouwt te = marries at, getrouwd = married

  • overleden te = deceased at

  • begraven te = burried at

  • aldaar = at the same place

  • uit de eerste (tweede) relatie = from the first (second) relation

  • dochter van = daughter of

  • zoon van = son of

The genealogy of the Morel family is largely the work of Jos Grupping, married to Marga Morel. With very valuable additions by mrs Cis Waters-Morel (Arnhem), Jos Hekking (Nijmegen) and Harry Wouters (Wateringen) and many other family members. Recently the Morel Genealogy was expanded again by a contribution by Peter Groen: a complete lparenteel of his grandgrandgrandmother Anna Maria Morell (1806-1857). The data are already included in the current list of descendants of Joseph Morel(l). For all these contributions our sincere thanks.

Peter Groen's great website can be found here:

The Creyghton-Morel Homepage is also part of the Grupping Stamboom Pagina's.

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Interesting links

At the bottom of the page a number of interesting links, most of them concentrating on the original Creighton/Crichton family of which our Dutch Creyghton branch descends. On the respective websites you will find further links to investigate further. Happy surfing. For comments, questions or additional information please contact Ingrid Creyghton.

Important pages:

Genealogical information:

Special pages:

The following "special pages" are in Dutch, but because of the numerous pictures much of the content might still be understood by those who don't understand Dutch.


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Other interesting links:


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