"Some Demographic Data"


While surfing on the internet looking for new data about the worldwide Creighton/ Crichton/Craton/Crayton/.... family I stumbled upon some fine demographic data about our family for both Great Britain and the USA. The information was made available by the Hamrick Software Corp. (USA) and the University College London (GB) respectively.

After some fiddling with the data and presentation I got the following animations, showing the grows of (parts of) the family in the USA as well as the homeland. I thought you might be interested too. So here are the data, without any attempt to interpretation. Maybe we will try to do that in a later stage.

Great Britain data, made available by the University College London

Here are some data for several parts of the family (Creighton, Crichton, Crayton), showing the growth in time (from 1880 till 1990) as well as the focal areas of living for that particular part of the family. At first sight both the Crichtons and Creightons were mostly Scottish, but later both have spread considerably over England as well.

Originally (1880 timeframe) the Crichtons seem to have been concentrated more around the Highlands, the Creightons more around Dumfries and the Northern part of England. Both were settled in the Edinburgh region. Cratons and Craytons were more scattered, but also lower in number, not really suitable for statistics. Below an animation, based on the data of the University College London.

USA data, made available by Hamrick Software Corp.

Below an animation from the data for the USA, showing the growth of the Creighton family from 1850 to 1990. No attempt to analyze yet. If you have any comments, please let me know.


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